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Award winning photographer Karen Steyr began her career in her native Toronto, where she did a four-year apprenticeship with renowned photographer Peter Horvath. After a decade as a successful freelance photographer, she relocated to Los Angeles in 2003.

Since relocating, Karen has expanded her commercial portfolio to include actors’ head shots, album covers, and band portraits, while also creating an art photography series for exhibition.

The birth of her first child expanded her photography to also focus on family, maternity and baby portraits. An equally important strand of her work is her wedding photography, noted for its intimate feel and sense of spontaneity.

Karen’s approach to photography is very hands-on and inclusive, as she loves to involve her clients in the creative process. She strives to bring out the best of her subjects, and to make each project a memorable and enjoyable occasion.

Her emphasis on building a relationship with her clients — and discovering what they want — produces tangible results, and brings a personal quality to even her most creatively expansive work.

“I consider each commission an honor, because my clients are relying on me to capture the most profound events of their lives. I enjoy the collaborative approach, and devote myself to watching and listening intently,” says Karen. “That way, when I’m shooting, I can photograph the magic moments as they arise.”